Skapelsens skjendere

Skapelsens skjendere is a high powered ArsMagica campaign centered around of the covenant Legio Magica.

Legio Magica is a Summer covenant that was founded on the ruins of one of the greatest covenants the order of Hermes has known. Utterly destroyed by an unknown power or magical accident at the winter solstice 1217. Its ruin left a power vacuum in the tribunal of the grater alps. To avoid a costly and drawn out fight over the resources left by the demise of old Legio Magica, the tribunal decided to sponsor the creation of a new covenant to replace the old one.

The covenant is located in a high valley in the alps inside a magical aura giving it a mild Mediterranean climate. The real world location of the valley is here. The covenant itself is located in this mountain formation.

Skapelsens Skjendere

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